How To Make a NALT Christians Video

  • If you have never made a YouTube video, see how easy it is by reading/watching How to Upload Videos to YouTube (for Beginners)
  • Length:
    There’s no minimal length for a NALT video, but it’s best to keep them under five minutes long.
  • Clear sound:
    Try to record in a quiet environment, and speak loud enough to be heard.
  • Don’t backlight.
    Make sure light is on your face and not behind it — i.e., don’t sit with your back to a bright window.
  • Title your video.
    Use “NALT Christians” in the title of your video, and include your name and location—ex: “NALT Christians: Sam in Seattle.”
  • Please don’t plug any product or service
    Please resist the temptation (should you have it) to use your video to promote anything but God’s love of all people.
  • Upload away!
    Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, fill out the fields below. We will review your submitted video. (And be sure to mark your YouTube video “Public” [as opposed to “Private”], so we can see and share it. Thanks!)

Don’t worry, it’s easy!
Making a YouTube video is easy. If you or a friend have a cell phone that makes videos, you have everything you need! NALT videos often work best when they’re homemade and simple. Some our best videos were made by our shyest friends. Your sincerity is by far the most important component of your NALT video. If in your video all you say is, “I’m a Christian, and I do not believe that being gay is a sin,” then you will have succeeded. That clear and simple message alone could help change someone’s life. If you’d like to say more than that, then …

Tell us who you are
Tell us your Christian bonafides. What is your relationship to the faith, or to your church? Do you sing in your church’s choir, work in its nursery, attend any of its Bible study or small group meetings? Are you a pastor? A worship leader? Perhaps you’re on one or another committee at your church. Let us know what, if any, role you play in the life of your church.

Make it personal
Feel free to share a bit of your personal story. How did you come to believe what you do? Did you grow up in a church where it was taught that being gay is a sin? If so, what changed your mind about that? How did you come to evolve your theology? Did you meet someone special? Did you have a transformative experience of some sort? Perhaps you had a gay friend or family member whom you found unable to consider condemned by God. Feel free to relate not just what you believe, but why.

Use the words “Not All Like That!”
That’s our tagline, so feel free to use it toward the end of your video. Your video will show that you’re one of the millions of Christians who are Not All Like That. Reaffirming that vitally important truth at the end of your video would be great.

Here is a one-page flyer about NALT. Use it to help spread the word!

Host a NALT Sunday event at your church!

Have you made a NALT Christians video of your own, and now want to do more to help spread the message of LGBT equality? Then host a NALT Sunday at your church! It’s simple to do. On a chosen Sunday, have everyone in your church stand up, and with one voice declare, “We’re not all like that!” Use your cell phone or camera to film that great moment, and submit that video to the NALT Christians website using the form above. That’s all there is to it!

Some great examples of NALT Sunday videos made by church congregations are here, here, and here.

Also, on either that day or another, you can make a little filming spot somewhere on your church grounds, set up a camera (or, again, simply use a cell phone that makes videos), and one-by-one have your church’s members come in, sit before the camera, and make their own personal NALT video.

One camera; one station; one fun event. The result? A lot of NALT videos! What a terrific way to help further spread the message that not all Christians believe it’s a sin to be LGBT.

Let us know if you have any questions at all about doing a NALT Sunday event at your church. We’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

Want a flyer about hosting a NALT Sunday event? Here it is!