Christians for Gay Marriage Launch “Not All Like That” Campaign

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NALT: Pro-gay Christians launch the ‘Not All Like That’ campaign

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NALT alliance says Not All (Christians are) Like That on homosexuality

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‘NALT’ Platform Launched for Christians to Speak Out in Favor of LGBT Equality

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Dan Savage’s New Video Project Has Straight Christians Denouncing Anti-Gay Bigotry

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Dan Savage Kicks Off The New NALT Christian Campaign

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Dan Savage and Pro-gay Christians Launch ‘Not All Like That’ Website to Reach out to LGBTs

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Dan Savage Kicks Off Pro-LGBT Christian Video Project

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Dan Savage, Wayne Besen help launch NALT, website for Christians in favor of LGBT equality

The NALT Christians Project offers permission and an invitation


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New project to highlight pro-LGBT Christians

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Video: Dan Savage launches his ‘Not All Like That’ project for Christians who support gay rights

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New platform launched for Christians to speak out in favor of LGBT equality

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New project allows Christians to speak out in favor of LGBT equality